Prabuddha-Rise to Next Level

Prabuddha Academy uplifts your aptitude by sharpening your knowledge and refine oneself to move to a higher level. Prabuddha gives a platform that helps you to focus on the skills that takes you to next level to become more proficient.

Prabuddha Academy provides the “Interactive Online Learning Platform” for the working professionals to pursue an Online Executive Diploma/Certificate Programs. The programs are tuned for corporate and working professionals and students. The learning process will lift you from an ordinary to extraordinary level.

Started in 2008, Prabuddha Academy impeccably integrates the strengths of the traditional method of education-classroom teaching-with the latest in technology. Within a span of one decade more than 500 students passed out with flying colors and today they adorn prestigious positions in corporate companies across the world.

Several corporate companies used Prabuddha Academy’s service to train their employees, dealers, customers and associates across the country. The soul of Prabuddha is a powerful system that allows large numbers of geographically dispersed participants to have a highly interactive, ‘one-to-one’ exchange with the faculty.

Prabuddha offers platform where in during the live section of the given time frame, can interact freely with faculty, raise questions, queries etc. The interaction thus becomes live, spontaneous and natural as in a regular classroom as it carries real life case studies, quizzes, assignments etc.

The advantage Prabuddha Academy offers to participants are monetary and productivity benefits. While continuing with their existing jobs and without leaving their city they can attend the programme. The curriculum is tailored in such a manner that it caters the needs, expertise and skills of the professionals giving Prabuddha Student a cutting edge in their career.

Our Mission

Prabuddha Academy aims at fine tuning the professional skills by mastering management techniques that takes you to a higher level. Prabuddha gives prominence to Finishing School that grooms a person to focus on teaching social graces and professional etiquettes.

Key Benefits

                   • Prabuddha Academy offers highest level of interactivity as in a live classroom.

                   • It has built in class-management tools that help faculty in conducting the class effectively.

                   • It has built-in measurement and certification tools that help the faculty to monitor each student’s progress accurately  and effectively.

                   • Prabuddha Academy is the ideal way to increase the reach and coverage of premier institutions without compromising  on:

                              a) Interactivity

                              b) Control & Certification

                              c) Quality of Content

                              d) The faculties-the best faculty can now centrally reach and address participants simultaneously in cities across the country.